How To Become A Hacker – 5 Tipps

This article will give you 5 tipps on how to become a hacker. Focusing on becoming a white hat hacker also known as Penetration tester.

I was strolling through quora tonight and came across this question, so I thought, why not give an answer?

I always wanted to work as/ become a hacker and am working towards my goal to become a Penetration Tester.

I’m starting to work in the field of hacking (PenTesting) in February and can tell you, what I did to get there.

How can you become a hacker

Hacking is a lifestyle become a hacker

The short answer is: Either you are a hacker or you are not. It’s really just the mindset.

The long answer:

1 Be Curious

I started with simple things such as flashing custom roms on my PSP and jailbreaking iPhones. Using tools that did most of the work.

But my curiosity lead me to the question: How and why does this work?

So I started with the next step:

2 Learn about Computers

It goes without saying that you need to understand how something works to properly break it apart.

So I started to feed my curiosity and began learning html and css, later on PHP and some linux terminal stuff. Which is a good way to start because it’s really lightweight and you can learn all that for free. You just need a computer (or a smartphone nowadays) and an editor. But these were just the first steps to become a hacker.

I wanted to dig even deeper, so I made an apprenticeship as a Software Developer, where I learned a lot about making and testing software and how PC’s work in general. I also had the luck that I could make some soldering projects with arduino and co in the Enterprise I was learning.

Right now I’m studying computer science part time and will start an internship starting february.

3 Learn about hacking

So after four years of theoretical and pratical education I still wanted to dig deeper and started to do some research on my own, learning for the CompTIA Security+ exams (which you can check out here: CompTIA Security+ Archives | Tech- Brew) on how to secure networks. Also just playing around with websites like Home : and Hacksplaining: Learn to Hack gave me a basic understanding of how hacking is done.

4 Hacking is a community

While most hackers are pictured to sit in their moms basement and hack every bank in the world, hackers actually have always a form of community to exchange and learn.

Find a site, youtube channel, subreddit or BB where people talk openly about exploiting hardware and software with the same enthusiasm as you. Then start reading, upvoting or whatever and someday make your own submissions to the community.

I’m doing this right now with my blog, some subreddits and my YouTube Channel where I show some basic hacking tutorials: ZaniddTV

5 You are never done learning

Technologies will always improve and change, which means the ways to break it do too. You have to be always up-to-date and learn new things.

I hope this could help you.

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