5 Ways To hack a password

Are you looking for ways to hack passwords? I can give you five different approaches to hacking passwords!


In order to crack a password, you have to know a little something about what hashes are, and how they work. I suggest watching this video:

Plus you’ll need to have the passwords stored in a file. For this tutorial the file is called pass.

If you don’t have the passwords stored in a file, the last way in this post can help you out 😉

Brute Force

The simplest approach to password hacking. Using a tool like john the ripper, you can just try out every possible combination automatically and wait for it to be done.

The command looks like this:

Sadly, this is the option that takes the longest. But there are better Options

Wordlist attack

Maybe your “targets” password follows a certain scheme. You can create a file containing words like its favorite band, music style, sport, etc… and try to combine it via a wordlist attack.

You could also use a wordlist from the www, like the rockyou.txt.

Again you can use john for this using the wordlist argument:

But there are faster ways…

Rainbow tables

This is the fastest (technical) method. You save (very big) prehashed files. The file contains lot of hashes with matching words.

however these files require a lot of space, and you’ll need one file for each hashing algorithm.

Social Engineering

The fastest and easiest way that “hackers” gain a password.

They usually send an email claiming they’re tech support or your bank, requiring your password or credentials.

Other methods include creating a phishing website, that *looks* like the website of your bank, but is secretly put there by an attacker to steal your information.

What if I don’t have the hash?

In some cases, like with WiFi you probably won’t have the hash laying around. My video I did a while back can help you out here:


If you need a more graphic approach to the “art of password hacking” you can check out my video, I did on this subject: