Learn To Google Better (In One Week)

You’re probably asking yourself “WTF, I know how to find stuff on google”. But chances are, that you are not familiar with the full potential of Google.

This guide is an introduction on how to refine your googling skills and google better! You can follow this step by step.

Get Familiar with Google

Google has tons of “features” to customize your queries.

For starters, watch this video or read the article below.

A video for students to increase their productivity in research using google

If you need something to read, I suggest you this article.

But that’s just the start. Do some research about Google itself to get more familiar with how the search engine works.

Training Plan

To learn how to google, you need to use it. So my suggestions for you to increase your skills is as follows:

Day 1: Google Topics related to your work or hobby

Try to find as much information on a topic you don’t know anything about, but is closely related to things you already know.

Day 2-3: Find Materials for multiple subjects

Try finding a book or website that covers two of your favorite topics. This might be something easy as “Security” and “Website Coding” or something more harder to find like “Gardening” and “IoT”.

The goal here is to learn to use google operators like “filetype” “inurl” and logical operators like OR and AND.

Day 4-5: Do the same as in Day 1, but for a topic you are unfamiliar with

Choose a topic you have no idea about. Let’s say “How To Grow Bananas In Your Garden”. No idea how to do that.

But after searching for a while, finding websites that link to other resources, videos or even books, you’ll know so much more.

You don’t need to be an expert, but you should know how to grow bananas in your garden.

Day 6-7: Do the same as Day 4-5, but for another topic.