Linux Quickie: Get Internet Connection Speed In Terminal

Is there a way to get internet connection speed with a command line command? Yes there is, but you need to set it up first. Read how here!

To get internet connection speed via command line/ terminal you’ll have to install a tool called speedtest-cli. (Pretty straightforward name, if you ask me) Installing the software requires you to have the python-pip package already installed. It also requires a valid Python installation.

So just install python and the python-pip package (not sure if they already come bundled) and run this command to install speedtest-cli.

$ pip install speedtest-cli

And run $ ./speedtest-cli to execute the speedtest.

The tool will fetch the information from You will see a log of what it’s doing, but the most important stuff will be the last couple of lines, where you can read your download and upload speed. It should look a little something like this:

Testing download speed..........................
Download: 120.23 Mbit/s
Testing upload speed............................
Upload: 5.32 Mbit/s

And now you have a fast way of getting your current internet connection speed with a commandline.

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