Malware Pt. 2 – CompTIA Security+ Lesson 24

The last article covered some malware that you should know for the CompTIA Security+ exam. In this article I will explain a few more.

If you missed the first article about malware, catch up here.

Logic Bombs

Malware that executes when a certain event occurs is called a logic bomb. They’re usually programs or code snippets.

The bomb may inform an attacker when his victim is connected to the internet and uses a specific program.

They either perform a payload or inform the attacker.


Not malware per se.

Originally the term was used for troubleshooting and developer hooks in software or systems. They were implemented for maintenance and testing.

Usually after done with testing and maintenance the backdoors are removed, before release, but sometimes one is forgotten and this poses a vulnerability.

The “new” term refers to a program/utility inserted by an intruder, that creates an “easy entrance” for him.


Malware running on infected comupters is often known as botnet.

Bots run automatically and are some kind of simple AI.

Bot-nets are similar: A bot-herder (the attacker) uses the botnet he controlls to launch DDos, adware, spyware, spambots and various other malicious stuff.


Ransomware is often delivered through a trojan. The malware then takes controll of the system and “kidnaps” it, by encrypting the hard drives, changing passwords and other creative ways.

It then demands, that a third party is paid.


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