Thanks guys!

So recently I checked my stats of the blog and mailing list and I must say that it has improved over the last couple months.

All I wanted to do now is say thank you to all the “fans” :P.

So thank you very much and stay tuned. I’m a bit busy at the moment, because I just started working and studying at the same time and need to get into it untill I can keep up with weekly blogs.

Hope you guys enjoy!

Short Update

Hey Guys!

It’s been a while since I wrote my last post, but I’m going to return to write a little bit more in the future. I was/ am kinda busy with moving into a new apartment. But after that I’ll return to write more articles you can enjoy.

However there will be a couple of changes regarding the content I will provide.


  • They will be more of a secondary type content
  • Will come out when I have time or I’m in the mood to write one
  • They will be only focused on Linux, Python and Java

Main Content

I’m going to publish more “serious” content periodically:

  • I’ll try to put up a DIY/ IoT or general Tech- Hacking tutorial/ project up every monday. This includes this type of projects:
    • Raspberry PI projects
    • Soldering projects
    • Arduino, etc…
    • “Home- Hacking”/ IoT
  • I’m going to prepare myself for the CompTIA Security+ exam an thus providing some articles on the subjects I learn. This will be usually around Wednesday.


Quickies will be 2nd priority. Monday will be IoT/ DIY content, Wednesday will be CompTIA Security+ Content.

Learn Python For Free @ Udemy

learn python for free

Udemy is an online course website. They offer courses in Programming, Design, Economics and almost everything. However their courses have a price tag. But with the following code you can get a python and ruby course for free. Normally this would be around 170$.

learn python for free

Click on the image above and register for the course. Then enter the redeem code ALLFREE and there you go. Use this before the offer expires and you wont need my python tutorials ever again  😆


And shoutout to Roshan for providing this information