Our Memes Are Doomed!

The EU is voting on a new law for the internet on the 20th June.

The results could be horrible:

  • No Link sharing
  • No remixing
  • no memes

Link- Tax

The new law would enforce something like a link-fee.

Meaning that every time you link to an external website, you’ll have to pay the owner of the external site.

Excuse me, what? How? WHY?!?

First, why should I pay to promote an external site? How does this work with affiliate links? And most important: How do I add citations to my articles? Is wikipedia doomed?

Some scenarios that could become realitiy:

  • Twitter adds a limit for links posted for each user
  • reddit dies
  • wikipedia will be (less) trustworthy and suffering more financially
  • google search has either more ads or dies

It’s not as if a genius called Tim Berner Lee created something called the world wide web and the Hypertext Transport Protocol and Markup Language to link different sites via (hyper)links and make navigating easier.

And what about API’s. Do I pay per request, flatrate or something else, when I deploy my own API to heroku or something?

But we’re not done yet.

How about memes

Why are memes doomed?

The same law mentioned above forces providers like FaceBook, reddit and others to add an upload filter to prevent uploading of copyrighted material.


How would you even try to achieve that? Create a central db with all copyrighted material and check via an AI?

Is the material in the db not already an infringement? Who pays for the AI and engineers?

When you upload a meme you will use a copyrighted image in 90% of the cases, from like spongebob, animes, games or series.

Boom. Blocked by the hyperexpensive fileupload scanner.

The same thing applies for text and video of course.


According to telegraph.co.uk even internet pioneers and founders like the above mentioned tim berners-lee and Wikipedia founders are fighting against this new laws!