The Art Of Debugging – Book Review

This week I started reading the book – The Art Of Debugging – , a really interesting book about debugging.

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I’ve worked as a software engineer/ developer for 4 years, so you might think, that I should know a lot about debugging.

But boyyyyyy, is this asumption wrong!

A lot of times, I used to printf() the hell out of my software, just to make sense of everything, and occasionally using a debugging tool.

Debugging for FUN?!

But “The Art Of Debugging” starts by slamming you facts about productivity and general “life-easier-making” of using debuggers.

It shows you this kind of interactively, by providing buggy source code to compile and debug.

I’ve just read the first chapter this week, when I picked it up and I’m so fascinated by the facts, that I started using debuggers for almost anything.

Right now, I’m developing a containerized node.js webapp at work. I used to console.log() everything I needed, rebuild container, deploy, run, fail and read the logs or the output.

Starting from monday I eagerly implemented the strategies and tools (well similar tools for webdevelopment) and increased my productivity and overall feel about debugging a software.

It’s not a chore anymore – It’s actually fun!

Excerpt: The Art Of Debugging

The Art Of Debugging Cover
This book guides you through each example with gdb, ddd, or eclipse. Or all of em’.
ddd – GUI for gdb

It shows you simple tricks and debugging technologies. Like use binary decisions on where to set breakpoints to increase bug- finding, shortcuts and args to start gdb with a “Terminal- GUI”, which shows your code and the breakpoints.

Also simple workflow tips on how to debug in development – Keep gdb open or save the breakpoints in a file, etc…

And this is just the first chapter.


So far I really liked “The Art Of Debugging” for one simple reason:

It gave me a reintroduction to debugging and explained the pros and cons + actually how to debug better in the first chapter, than my programming classes at school.

I will post a full review on my youtube channel after I finish reading it.

In the meantime, you can read it for yourself here. [WARNING: AFFILIATE LINK]